Netgear adds HD to Push2TV display device

Netgear announces the second generation of its WiDi-based wireless display device, the Push2TV HD, with support for 1080p resolution and improved performance.

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Dong Ngo
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Netgear's new Push2TV HD WiDi-based wireless display device.
Netgear's new Push2TV HD WiDi-based wireless display device. Netgear

LAS VEGAS--Exactly a year ago, Netgear debuted its first Intel Wireless Display-based display device, the Push2TV, which enables consumers to stream whatever is being viewed on a laptop to the TV without the need for cables or wires, via a click of a mouse.

Today the company announced the second generation of the product, the Push2TV HD TV adapter (model PTV2000), which now offers full-HD 1080p video resolution and other improvements, including:

  • 30fps video: Image quality is now improved with full motion video.

  • Dual-band wireless connectivity: Supports multiple wireless bands to minimize wireless interference.

  • Extend mode: Users now can browse the Internet on the laptop while wirelessly streaming a movie to the TV at the same time.

  • Improved latency: Lag time between the laptop display and the TV is reduced compared with the previous version.

  • Expanded graphics card support: Laptops with both Intel integrated and discrete graphics processors are now supported.

The new Push2TV HD works with TVs that have HDMI or component connectivity.
The new Push2TV HD works with TVs that have HDMI or component connectivity. Netgear

The improved latency seems to be the key upgrade, as, depending on how improved it is, it might allow users to play 3D games. The previous version of the device, and of the WiDi technology, has about half a second of lag, making it impossible to manage real-time interaction. This also means WiDi might now finally catch up with WHDI, another prominent wireless display option, in terms of performance.

Netgear says that the new Push2TV HD is compatible with laptops featuring both current-generation and next-generation Intel WiDi technology. The device has a similar design to the previous version and can be used with any TV that has an HDMI port or component ports that don't already have built-in support for WiDi.

The Push2TV HD is slated to be available during the first quarter of the year and will cost around $120.