Net Navigation for Every/Man/Woman/Person/Child

CNET News staff
2 min read
You know that glazed look family members get whenever you start preaching the gospel of the Internet? There may be hope. At PC Expo this week, the Wollongong Group showed off Emissary, software that aims to give users access to news, mail, file management, and Web browsing via a single Windows package.

Due at the end of July, Emissary will let customers drag and drop data between applications. Those applications include news, email with background downloading, Web browsing with a graphical directory tree, and interactive access to multiple simultaneous Telnet logins.

Initially, a version without TCP/IP support will be available for $99. Shortly after, a version with TCP/IP support will be available for $149. The software will run on a 386 or higher system running Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and will require at least 4MB of RAM.

Quarterdeck Corporation has a similar product called Internet Suite. It provides Web browsing via Mosaic, a message center for email, and file management. The list price is $105.95, but the software will be specially priced at $49.95 until July 7.

Quarterdeck is also selling WebAuthor, a Microsoft Word add on that inserts HTML coding into new documents automatically. The $49.95 package does not convert existing documents into HTML, however. ``You don't really need something that costs $49.95 to do this. There's shareware that does the same thing,'' says Celeste Stewart, a member of the University of Pennsylvania's Information Systems and Computing Communications Group. The real need is for an HTML translator that takes existing documents and automatically inserts the necessary Web coding, she adds.