NEC unveils four-way servers

The Express5800 joins new four-processor servers by Compaq and Hewlett-Packard in using the revamped Pentium Pro.

NEC Computer (NIPNY) today announced its Express5800 HX server can henceforth incorporate four Pentium Pro processors.

As expected, NEC follows Compaq and Hewlett-Packard in introducing a four-processor, high-end server utilizing the revamped Pentium Pro, which now comes with 1MB of cache memory, twice that of current versions.

Beyond the additional computing power offered by four CPUs, the Pentium Pro's additional memory boosts server capacity because it keeps the processor fed with data. Since processors work much faster than standard DRAM memory can feed them data, high-speed cache memory is used to make sure the processor is not "starving."

Another quality that makes the Pentium Pro well suited for data-intensive business applications is its high "fault tolerance." Equipped with RAID (redundant array of independent disks) and "hot plug" technology, the Express5800 HX is able to continue working if one of the processors fails or must otherwise be taken out of operation.

The four-processor Express5800 HX comes with a 9GB hard drive and 256K of high-quality ECC (error checking and correcting) memory, and has a list price of $23,547. Built to order, it will be available in September.

Available now, a dual-processor Express5800 HX (using Pentium Pros with 512K memory) with 128K of ECC RAM lists for $15,968.