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NEC rolls out new Versas

NEC Computer Systems Division launches the Versa 2700 series of notebooks and adds a new model to its 6000 line.

NEC Computer Systems Division today launched the Versa 2700 series of notebooks and added a new model to its 6000 line.

The new Versa 2700 line comprises three models: the 2730M, the 2730MT, and, at the high end, the 2760MT.

The 2730M and 2730MT include a 133-MHz Pentium processor while the 2760MT features a 166-MHz Pentium with MMX technology. Each model is designed with 32KB of internal cache, 256KB of level 2 external cache, and 16MB of EDO DRAM (expandable to 96MB).

On the monitor front, each model features a 12.1-inch display driven by 2MB of video RAM, with a resolution of 800 by 600. The Versa 2730M features an enhanced DSTN (dual-scan super-twisted nematic) display while the Versa 2730MT and 2760MT include an active-matrix TFT (thin-film transfer) screen.

The 2730M and 2730MT models include a 1.44GB hard drive while the 2760MT includes a 2.1GB drive. The company said it intends to offer larger hard drives by the fourth quarter.

Battery life for each model is estimated at up to four hours, depending on usage. The 2730M and 2730MT include nickel-metal hydride batteries while the 2760MT includes a lithium-ion battery.

Each model includes a K56flex modem, allowing for downloads at nearly ISDN speeds and uploads at 33.6 kbps, according to the company. To protect their investment, customers will be able to download operating code to keep up with the evolving 56Kbps standards.

In addition to introducing the three new 2700 models, the company also added a model to its 6000 line. The Versa 6060 builds on the company's previous 6000 models by including a 20X CD-ROM, a 166-MHz MMX Pentium processor, and improved storage capacity via the SuperDisk LS-120 drive.

According to the company, the 6060 is the first PC to achieve Microsoft PC 97 compliance, a new industry standard ensuring compatibility with the next generation of operating systems from Microsoft (MSFT).