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NEC launches server barrage

The company launches new servers and a plan to become a top-five server vendor by 1999.

NEC Computer Systems, a division of Packard Bell NEC, today announced new plans to attack the Intel-based server market.

The company, which enjoys a large market share in Japan, announced two new server lines based on the 200-MHz Pentium Pro microprocessor targeted at the Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT server space.

NEC officials said the move is intended to position NEC as one of the top-five Intel-based server vendors in the United States by 1999.

The NEC Express 5800 line includes two kinds of servers: a RM 4000 model that can offer customers four-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) for business-critical applications and a LE 2000 dual-processor model intended for file and print services or workgroup databases and groupware applications.

The two lines are available immediately, with the RM 4000 line starting at $13,495 and the LE 2000 line starting at $3,995 for single processor models. The RM 4000 line includes ultrawide SCSI disks, hot-pluggable components, and redundant power supply options. The LE 2000 includes an on-board ultrawide SCSI disk controller as well as four external and four internal drive bays.