NCR plugs new SMP servers

New single-, dual- and quad-processor servers based on Pentium Pros emphasize reliable operation.

NCR (NCR) today announced new single-, dual-, and quad-processor servers based on Intel's Pentium Pro that emphasize reliable operation for use in retail, financial, and communications industries.

The S46 symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server is designed for corporate intranets as well as local area network (LAN) consolidation. It offers high-reliability features such as dual PCI buses, on-board SCSI buses, hot pluggable disk drives, optional redundant power supplies, LifeKeeper software for Windows NT, and integrated server management capabilities.

The system has been tested to ensure it will make the year 2000 transition smoothly, according to NCR.

Typical pricing will be $13,425 for an S46 with two 166-MHz Pentium PRO processors, 128MB of memory, two 4GB hard disk drives, CD-ROM, Ethernet, and a 14-inch monitor. At the higher end of the line, a system with four 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors, 256MB of memory, four 9GB hard disk drives, and the same accessories will sell for $32,475. All models are currently available.