'My iPhone 5 loves me,' Nathan Fillion tells Conan

The former Firefly star talks to Conan O'Brien about his relationship with his new iPhone.

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Nathan Fillion confesses the love between him and his iPhone.
Nathan Fillion confesses the love between him and his iPhone. TeamCoco/YouTube Screenshot: LanceWhitney/CNET

Many people love their iPhones, but how many people can say their iPhones love them?

Chatting it up with Conan on Tuesday night, sci-fi fan favorite Nathan Fillion wasn't shy about expressing his feelings over his new iPhone 5. The professed gadget lover told Conan that his phone is so pretty. It's "tiny and light and smart," Fillion said. "And it loves me, it obviously loves me."

But the bond between Fillion and his phone wasn't always so lovable.

The actor confessed that he once had a "contentious relationship" with Siri. Rather than fault Siri, he put part of the blame on himself, explaining that he asked Siri to refer to him as "sport." Though not a bad nickname at first, Fillion soon grew tired of it, saying that it got to be condescending.

"It kind of started eating me alive and I started getting angry," he told Conan. "But now it's like we've had counseling. She's better. I feel better."

Fillion did admit that Siri is not always accurate and "sometimes she's way off." But he's committed to the relationship. So even if Siri gets something wrong, he's happy.

And how did Fillion score a new iPhone so quickly?

A friend apparently helps him out when the actor is busy working and volunteered to wait on line for the phone. Fillion told his friend that he couldn't let him stay in line all night waiting...at least not without a sleeping bag.

Conan also admitted that he has the iPhone 5 but seemed blase about it. That left co-host Andy Richter, who griped that he was the only one without the new phone.


Nathan Fillion discusses his relationship with his iPhone 5