Music sites sing new tune

The Net music space shows its potential for ups and downs with Amazon's music store launch and K-Tel's stock on the skids.

CNET News staff
While online music retailing is hot these days, it remains fraught with risk. The past week has seen Amazon.com attempting to leverage its success in books into CDs, as K-Tel--a relatively new player on the Net--looks to recapture its brief but dramatic entry into e-commerce.

Amazon opens Net music store
Net bookselling giant Amazon.com launches its online music store, long anticipated by Net consumers and much feared by industry rivals.

Amazon stock hears the music
update The bookseller's foray into the music business is fraught with risks, but its stock jumps anyway.

Will K-Tel's stock fizzle?
Is K-Tel a one-hit wonder? That is the question after the music marketer's breathtaking climb and subsequent return to earth.