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MS expands BackOffice, but not price

Microsoft added new components to its BackOffice server applications without raising the price.

Microsoft today added new components to its BackOffice family of server applications for Windows NT without changing the price.

The BackOffice Server 2.0 now comes with the long-awaited Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0, the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 1.0, and the latest upgrade of its relational database, SQL Server 6.5. BackOffice Server already includes the Windows NT Server 3.51 operating system, Systems Management Server 1.1, and SNA Server 2.11.

The suggested price for a five-user license for BackOffice Server 2.0 remains $3,508. Current users of version 1.5 can upgrade to version 2.0 for about $769 per server license or $459 for a five-user client access license. Microsoft stipulates that a single copy of BackOffice Server must run on a single machine.