Motorola gives upgrade incentive

Motorola promises year-end modem shoppers credit towards a later upgrade, even if they buy from the competition.

As last-minute shoppers try to decide if they should buy a modem this Christmas, Motorola (MOT) is trying to reassure them they aren't buying outdated technology by offering a new upgrade program that even covers certain competitors' modems.

Customers who buy a 28.8- or 33.6-kbps modem from a vendor supporting the competing x2 technology for 56-kbps modems from U.S Robotics will be able to upgrade to industry-standard 56-kbps modems or BitSurfr Pro ISDN modems from Motorola at a discounted price, the company says.

The program and discount also applies to buyers of Motorola modems, although PC Card modems are not included.

Motorola says that customers must apply either online or by phone by January 30 in order to participate in the program.