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Motorola calls on EDS for customer management

Electronic Data Systems will assist the wireless company with a wide range of customer relationship management services, including distribution and payment processing.

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Electronic Data Systems on Wednesday said it has enlisted wireless giant Motorola to use its latest suite of services focused on customer relationships.

Under the agreement, EDS will assist Motorola with a wide range of CRM (customer relationship management) services, including order fulfillment, distribution and payment processing. Its latest suite for that arena, unveiled last October, includes services that help clients with CRM software implementations and the development of customer-relationship strategy and planning.

CRM software, a high-growth area in the enterprise software market, helps companies manage their sales force, marketing efforts and customer-service needs.

A number of companies including EDS rivals IBM Global Services and Computer Sciences, along with software makers Oracle and SAP, continue to make strides in the lucrative market.

Huge sales targets for the CRM market have largely been driven by the growing importance of customer service among businesses, especially for young online companies that have found it a survival necessity to manage several forms of customer interaction, including e-mail, phone and fax, to encourage repeat visits.

As part of the deal with Motorola, the Plano, Texas-based professional-services heavyweight said it plans to support Motorola's new direct-to-reseller distribution model, called Motorola Messaging Express. That model is part of the company's initiative to offer easy ordering and quick delivery to the reseller channel.

The services offered by EDS will also include helping Motorola with call center capabilities, integrated catalog and inventory capabilities, inventory and transaction reporting, and product-returns management.

In separate news, EDS on Wednesday signed a $137 million computer-services contract with PSEG, a heavyweight in the electric and gas industry. Under the terms of the eight-year deal, EDS will provide PSEG with data center capabilities and operational support.