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Mother of 'Happy Mac' graphic to testify in Apple v. Samsung

Susan Kare, the graphic designer who created some of the interface designs and best known graphics for the original Mac OS, is scheduled to appear in the patent case.

The Happy Mac, a very familiar symbol to Apple fans for nearly 30 years, was created by designer Susan Kare.
Susan Kare.

Apple lawyers are reaching back into the company's history for help against Samsung.

The companies are engaged in a patent dispute that could be worth billions of dollars to the winner. Apple today released the names of the next seven people it intends to call to the stand starting tomorrow (the names are listed below).

Most of the marquee names; Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing and Scott Forstall, the company's senior vice president of IOS software, have already testified. Still left up, however, is Susan Kare, the artist and graphic designer who created the interface elements and graphics for the Mac OS in the early 1980s.

Kare was behind some of the Mac's trademark images: the "Happy Mac" graphic that appeared when the computer was booting up. Her designs have influenced graphics to this day, including the Mac trash can.

After leaving Apple, Kare again went to work for Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer, which was later acquired by Apple. After leaving there, she's done work for IBM, Microsoft, and PayPal. Kare was also behind the first 500 or so Facebook virtual gifts, a feature Facebook killed off in 2010.

Apple is expected to ask Kare to talk about the designs of Samsung's accused devices when compared to three of Apple's design patents covering the iPhone, as well as the subtitles of user interface graphics between the two.

Each side has 25 hours of court time to make their case, and both sides were allowed to pick 50 witnesses. As per the court's orders, each company must release a "rolling list" of upcoming witnesses.

Justin Denison
Denison has been Samsung's chief strategy officer for the past four years, and joined the company after holding a similar position at Nokia. Denison was called to the stand not long before the proceedings ended on Friday. Apple tried to pin him down about how Samsung managers used the iPhone as a blueprint for their phones. Denison scored points for his side by nothing that some of the similarities between the phones exist because they were just common sense, such as rounded corners (more durable) and flat screens (cheaper to make than curved glass).

Wookyun Kho
Kho is an engineer at Samsung and worked on the company's integrated software. Per court filings, Apple aims to ask Kho about his role in the creation of software code for a bounce back effect, something Apple has a utility patent for and is accusing Samsung of infringing.

According to deposition, Kho says Samsung had an internal project called "the glow effect" or "edge glow," something to show users they reached the end of a scrollable area. Apple believes this same behavior is covered in its own patent.

Peter Bressler
Bressler was the president of the Industrial Designers Society of America between 1989 to 1990, and is the founder and board chair at product design firm Bresslergroup Inc. He's also currently an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to court documents, Bressler has been an expert witness in seven trials covering utility patents and trade dress claims. He's also listed as the author, or co-author on 73 patents, many of which are design patents. In a redacted court filing, Bressler said he was called on by Apple specifically to talk about the three design patents it says Samsung is infringing, including the company's tablet design patent.

Susan Kare
See above.

Russell Winer
Winer is the chair of the Department of Marketing at the Stern School of Business for New York University. According to his bio, Winer has authored more than 70 papers in marketing on a variety of topics, including consumer choice, marketing research methodology, marketing planning, advertising, and pricing.

He is expected to testify about the strength of Apple's trade dress and that Samsung's products are sold and compete in similar marketing channels to Apple's.

Hal Poret (possible)
Poret is an expert at survey research for advertising and trademark. Apple said in court documents that he will present evidence of a survey that indicates consumers associate the iPad trade dress with Apple.

Kent Van Liere (possible)
Van Liere provides research in statistics and survey research for litigation. His areas of expertise include product liability, false advertising, trademark infringement, labor, and antitrust. He is expected to discuss a survey he conducted that concluded consumers are likely to associate Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Apple in a post-sale environment.

Ravin Balakrishnan
Balakrishnan is a professor in the department of computer science at the University of Toronto, where he also got his Ph.D. in computer science. Balakrishnan co-founded Bump Technologies, the makers of 3D desktop software BumpTop, which Google bought up in 2010.

Apple had Balakrishnan evaluate Samsung's devices against Apple's to see if the software was violating patented software code. Much of the publicly-available deposition of Balakrishnan centered around Apple's bounce back list patent.

Karan Singh

Singh is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Toronto, where he helped direct a graphics and human computer interaction laboratory. He also consults with various companies about computer graphics and design industries.

According to documents Apple filed with the court, Singh will testify that Samsung is infringing some of Apple's patents relating to such features as "tap-to-zoom," and "scroll vs. gesture."

Update 7 p.m. PT Apple just updated their witness list to state that Poret and Van Liere are now just possible witnesses.