More Windows CE support in hand

Samsung, Fujitsu, and Compaq say products are in the works that use the upgraded Windows CE operating system.

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Momentum seems to be building steadily, if slowly, for the newest version of the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

Windows CE 2.11, dubbed the Handheld PC Professional Edition, was announced last week. The new OS for handheld devices offers some minor bug fixes and some new functionality, but is centered around support for the newest class of Windows CE devices, which generally offer larger keyboards and displays.

However, few vendors have actually announced any such devices yet. Sharp and Vadem introduced products based on Vadem's Clio design, and Hewlett-Packard is in the process of developing its own H/PC for the new OS.

Today, Samsung, Fujitsu, and Compaq offered public support, if not actual products, for the Handheld PC Professional Edition.

Samsung announced its eGO-note H/PC, featuring an 8.2-inch LCD display, 56-kbps modem, and 32-bit RISC processor. Pricing was not immediately announced, but Samsung's H/PC will hit stores in the United States by December, the company said.

Fujitsu announced today that it is developing several handheld PCs supporting Windows CE 2.11. These devices will features "large screens of VGA resolution or better, pen as well as keyboard input, tablet and clamshell configurations," according to the company.

Fujitsu will introduce its H/PC Professional Edition devices sometime next year.

Compaq, which is expected to roll out new H/PCs by the end of the year, today cut prices on its existing line of C-Series CE devices by up to 14 percent. The Compaq 2010c and 2015c were discounted from $799 to $699, and the 810c was cut from $499 to $425.