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More evidence of Apple's nonexistent tablet surfaces

Publishers in Australia have reportedly been contacted by Apple to make their content available on a new device.

I don't remember hearing so much talk over a product that nobody has even seen, but the scuttlebutt continues, this time from Australia.

Apple is reportedly shopping its rumored tablet to media companies in Australia to gauge interest in having their products available on the device when its released, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. While specifications of the device were reportedly sent to the companies, nobody would confirm it on the record.

One thing to come out of the Australian talks that we haven't heard before focuses on pricing, and more importantly for the media companies, how much they will get to keep.

The Herald says that it expects Apple to give the media companies a similar price offered to iPhone app developers. Apple keeps 30 percent of the sales and the media companies would pocket 70 percent.

If true, that would be a significant raise for the media companies over what Amazon was offering the companies to have its content available for the Kindle. Amazon's deal was reportedly exactly the opposite--70 percent would go to Amazon, while 30 percent would stay with the publishers.

On Monday, news from an off-the-record meeting with the digital staff of The New York Times revealed that Executive Editor Bill Keller may have knowledge of Apple's tablet as he was preparing the company for platforms of the future, including the "impending Apple slate."