Modest updates for Lenovo's S10 Netbook

Lenovo is making some modest revisions to the S10 Netbook.

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Dan Ackerman
Lenovo's S10 Netbook.

We liked the S10 Netbook from Lenovo, so we're pleased to see the company not messing with success and making only minor revisions to it, in what might be the first official laptop announcement from this year's CES show.

The 10-inch S10, most notable for its ExpressCard/34 slot, is getting an instant-on secondary operating system, as well as VeriFace facial-recognition software (we've seen facial-recognition systems work well, but also not work at all, depending on the system, lighting conditions, lunar cycle, and a ton of other variables). With decent configs starting at only $399, the S10 is one of a small handful of go-to Netbooks we rely on these days.

The updated IdeaPad S10 should be available in January.

Update: We also had some information on an update to Lenovo's IdeaPad U110 ultraportable, but Lenovo is apparently holding off on making that announcement until later in 2009.