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Microsoft to offer white Xbox One to employees?

A posting on Reddit indicates that Microsoft will offer a white Xbox One to its employees. We'll see if that actually comes to pass.

Is this the white Xbox One?
Is this the white Xbox One?

Will Microsoft employees working on the Xbox One get a white version of the console?

A Reddit user on Monday posted an image of an Xbox One that the person says, can be ordered by Microsoft employees working on the Xbox team. The poster says that the image was obtained from a friend who "works on the Xbox team."

If the image is real, it shows the same Xbox One design that we've previously seen, but this model comes in white instead of the standard black. The controller would also available in white, but the Kinect would still be given to employees in black.

It's important to note that the image of the white Xbox One cannot be verified at this point, so take this with a grain of salt. Still, if a white Xbox One exists and it's given to employees, it might not be long before it makes its way to store shelves.

CNET has contacted Microsoft for comment on the white Xbox One. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Engadget)