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Microsoft to launch code-sharing site

CodePlex, a portal for collaborative development and tools, will be offered through Microsoft's Shared Source program.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.
Microsoft on Tuesday is expected to officially launch a community-building Web site where it will share code with developers.

The CodePlex site will be a venue for Microsoft to provide programmers with tools available under its Shared Source licenses. These licenses allow people to view the source code of products, the software giant said.

The site, which had been in beta testing, is meant to foster more interaction between Microsoft and programmers with technical information and software, it added.

Popular products already available on the site include Microsoft's Atlas Control Toolkit and Iron Python beta 1.

The launch of the code-sharing site is one of several moves Microsoft is making to adjust to the growing popularity of open-source software and development practices.

By making the code to their tools available, software vendors hope to entice developers to become familiar with the products and, potentially, purchase more functional versions or buy support.

CodePlex was built using Microsoft's collaborative development product, called Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server.


Correction: This story misidentified one of the products available on the CodePlex Web site. It is Microsoft's Atlas Control Toolkit.