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Microsoft shows off Xbox One in action in new promo

The latest video spot reveals an Xbox One user zipping from one feature to another by voice. Your results may vary.

The Xbox One dashboard.
The Xbox One dashboard.
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft is touting the Xbox One's dashboard, app switching, and voice control all in a new video spot.

Playing on the Meet Xbox One Web page, the spot opens with someone activating the console by voice. The user, Archie Earnest, then manuevers around the dashboard, launches the Pacific Rim game, segues to the Activity Feed, revs up the Titanfall game, records and shares the gameplay, watches TV, snaps Internet Explorer to the screen, and finally answers a Skype call before turning off the Xbox by voice.

The voice commands are all perfectly understood, the responses are quick, and the app switching never lags. I'm not sure a real-world performance would yield the same precise results. But Xbox One owners will be able to give it a whirl themselves when the console goes on sale on November 22.

(Via Engadget)