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Microsoft said to go after Xbox One domain name squatters

The software giant files a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum to get ownership over the domains and

Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console.
James Martin/CNET

Microsoft appears to be unhappy about a couple of domain name owners that nabbed and before it did.

The software giant is said to have launched a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum to get those domains into its bevy, according to Fusible.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft unveiling its new gaming console, Xbox One, the company reportedly filed the complaint with the NAF. According to Fusible, Microsoft kept the name of its console a secret, presumably to avoid various domain name squatters.

However, both and have been registered since 2011. At least one of the domains belongs to a resident in the U.K. and both are hosted by GoDaddy.

Microsoft is known for coming down hard on domain name squatters. Lawsuits filed by the software giant go back as far as 2006 for domain names like and A simple search for "Xbox" under the NAF brings up dozens of complaints brought by Microsoft, including for domain names like,, and

It's unclear if the and complaint was indeed filed by Microsoft, since the company is not named in the NAF listing. Currently the complaint, under Case Number 1501205, is still "pending."

CNET contacted Microsoft for comment. We'll update the story when we hear back.