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Microsoft revamps mouse, keyboard

Microsoft will demonstrate versions of two key peripheral devices at Comdex.

Microsoft (MSFT) announced it will be demonstrating two key peripheral products at the Las Vegas Comdex show.

Microsoft representatives will demonstrate the IntelliMouse TrackBall and the Natural Keyboard Elite, the latter an extension of an existing product, at the behemoth trade show, running from November 17 to November 21.

The TrackBall features an IntelliMouse navigation wheel with an index-finger-operated design for ease of use in cursor control and Web browsing. The TrackBall is a new product, although the IntelliMouse is an established item. The product has an estimated retail price of $84.95.

The Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite, successor to the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, attempts to offer users a more natural typing position. The keyboard's estimated retail price is $64.95.