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Microsoft readying cross-platform Xbox music service, report says

The service won't require any browser plug-ins, according to the report, and could work on Android, iOS, and Windows 8, among other platforms.


Microsoft is planning to unveil a new music service at the E3 Gaming Expo in June, a new report claims.

The offering, currently codenamed "Woodstock," will take on the Xbox branding, and allow people to stream music to Windows 8, Android, iOS, and the Xbox, according to The Verge, citing sources. The tech blog says the offering will "integrate deeply with Facebook" and not require any browser plug-ins to work.

CNET initially reported on Microsoft's plans to launch a new music service back in February. At that time, Microsoft's negotiations with music labels were in their preliminary stages, but sources told CNET that the offering was slated to launch at some point this year.

According to The Verge's sources, Microsoft's service will also include a "scan and match" feature, similar to iTunes Match, which will let users find songs from their current library within the platform.

Microsoft has tried its luck in the music-streaming space before with Zune Music Pass and Urge, but its success has been limited, to say the least. By jumping into the streaming fray with this new offering, Microsoft will be forced to compete with a host of entrenched competitors, including Spotify and Pandora. In other words, the barriers to success seem somewhat high.

It's not immediately clear when Microsoft might launch the streaming service or how much it will cost. CNET has contacted Microsoft for comment.