Microsoft just became more valuable than Google parent Alphabet by $10 billion

Microsoft is worth $749 billion, but still billions behind Apple and Amazon.

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Microsoft third quarter earnings better than expected as it Rides the Cloud

Microsoft is now a $749 billion company.

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In the race between the biggest tech companies, Microsoft just became more valuable than Alphabet by $10 billion.

As of Tuesday's market close, Microsoft was worth $749 billion, while Alphabet was worth $739 billion, reports CNBC.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and several offshoots like Waymo and Google Fiber, has been leading Microsoft since it was first formed in 2015. But over the past few months, Microsoft slowly gained ground due to its valuable cloud computing business, according to the report.

This makes Microsoft the third most valuable publicly traded company, with Apple  in first at $918 billion and Amazon second at $788 billion.

Microsoft and Alphabet didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

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