Linux comes to Windows -- and 5 other big things Microsoft announced

The #Build2016 conference started with lots of developer-friendly announcements

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Josh Miller

Microsoft kicked off its developer-centric conference with a typically long-winded keynote full of exciting stuff...for developers. Unless you're a coder, the big news probably won't affect you, however it might eventually, in 10 years when you're Skype-ing your grandparents via HoloLens. Here's a roundup of the most important news.

Windows and Linux sitting in a tree

Microsoft is bringing the open source command line, Linux, to Windows 10. Basically Windows 10 will be easier for developers to use, making this a really big deal for coders.

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Microsoft didn't forget your anniversary

To celebrate the operating system's anniversary, Windows 10 users will receive a free update. It's expected to roll out this summer and include apps for Facebook and Instagram.

Tay is grounded

Microsoft's CEO admitted that Tay, the hot-mess-millennial bot that Twitter ruined, wasn't up to par. No word on when/if she'll be back.

Microsoft Ink

Apparently a lot of us still use a pen and paper (present company included). Microsoft wants to wean us off our old habits by better integrating its stylus into Windows 10, making a PC easier (or better) to use than a notepad.

HoloLens is here, kind of

With Oculus Rift, ready for consumer consumption, Microsoft is steady on its heels by shipping out the HoloLens to developers. You can't just walk into a Target a buy one, but that's the goal.

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Cortana's a smart cookie

Cortana, Microsoft's personal digital assistant and aspiring bot, is a powerful tool that can order you a pizza, remind you about that toy store you visited two years ago, or even crack a joke -- but only if you ask.

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