Microsoft brings out Jessica Alba to show off 'Kid's Corner'

The actor-turned entrepreneur boasted about ditching her iPhone and about the virtues of Windows Phone 8.

CNET staff
Jessica Alba at today's Microsoft event CNET

She's been a presence at tech conferences of late, and today Microsoft brought out actor-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Alba to talk up the virtues of Windows Phone 8, which the company is launching at an event in San Francisco.

Alba was on stage to tout Kid's Corner, Microsoft's new user account of sorts for kids. Kid's Corner, which acts as a second lock screen for kids, lets an adult choose which apps the kids see, which music they can listen to, and which games they can play. Kids can choose their own theme colors, but they can't pin apps to Kid's Corner themselves. If your phone is locked, you just swipe right from the Start screens to get into the Kid's Corner.

"I think it's awesome," Alba gushed about Kid's Corner. "I love that I can curate the space. It's a very clutch feature. Also I don't need to worry about my kid going into my social-media networks, or e-mailing my partners or anything like that."

So there you have it: A celebrity mom endorsement for Windows Phone. Alba also spent some time talking about switching to a Windows Phone from the iPhone. Naturally, she then plugged her startup, The Honest Company, which sells baby products such as diapers and wipes, before making her way off stage.

"This is the best tech crowd I've ever been in front of," she said on her way out.