Microsoft 2.0: Gates steps aside

Microsoft's founder gives his CEO title to president Steve Ballmer, signaling a new era for the Redmond empire.

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January 13, 2000, 7:30 p.m. PT

Gates turns over reins of his empire
update In a surprise announcement, Bill Gates says he will resign as Microsoft's CEO, handing over the reins to president Steve Ballmer and becoming "chief software architect."

A new era--but don't count Gates out yet
news analysis Its leader may be stepping aside, but his company's aggressive record leads many to believe that the move is part of a grand strategy to revitalize.

Redmond maps plans for life after the PC
The software giant hopes to expand its computing empire by developing a new generation of Internet-based software and services.

The Gates years symbolized high tech
At this volatile juncture, predicting any Gates legacy with certainty would be a dangerous undertaking. But his influence on technology, society and global economics is undeniable.

Cheerleader Ballmer put to the test
Many powerful corporate executives are measured, reserved individuals who shun publicity. Microsoft's new CEO is not one of them.

Can anything stop Microsoft's stock?
Shares in the software giant dip immediately following news Bill Gates will step aside as CEO, but later recover to post a slight gain. The news is further proof of the market's unusual confidence in the company.

Microsoft breakup rumors not a shock
update Legal experts say they aren't surprised by reports that government lawyers are proposing a breakup of the software giant. Both sides are using the public domain in search of support and assessment.

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