Microcontroller hits 200 MHz

The prototype chip uses MPEG-2 video technology and next-generation memory.

NEC Computer said it will debut a powerful microcontroller today at the Hot Chips IX conference in Palo Alto, California, featuring MPEG-2 full-motion video playback and high-speed Rambus memory technology.

The 200-MHz V830R/AV chip will be able to perform video processing at "full speed," a rate typically defined as 30 frames per second. The microcontroller will also be capable of handling 3D graphics in real time, DVD movie playback, speech recognition, and sound and music synthesis, using MPEG-2 and Rambus memory, NEC said.

MPEG-2 is the PC standard for playing back movies on DVD discs and handling full-motion video on PCs. Rambus memory is the next-generation memory design which allows computers to transfer more data at higher speeds. All major PC manufacturers are expected to adopt this interface.

NEC did not say when or in what form the chip will be commercially available. Hot Chips IX is a symposium on high-performance personal computer components that's wrapping up today at Stanford University.