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Meg Whitman: Uber's CEO will not be me

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise chief reaffirms her intentions to stay at the helm of the tech company.

Desktops are still alive and kicking, according to HP CEO Meg Whitman.
Meg Whitman has every intention of staying as HP's CEO, she says.

Stop with the rumours. The next person to head Uber "will not be Meg Whitman," says the lady herself.

In response to speculations that she's one of several candidates shortlisted to take over the reins at Uber, Whitman posted a three-part tweet on Thursday to dispel the rumours, saying they have become a "distraction."

Since its co-founder Travis Kalanick stepped down as chief executive officer in June, Uber has been on the hunt for a new captain. Speculation has been afoot that the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO, who stepped down from HP's board this week, is one of six names shortlisted to become the ride-hailer's next CEO.

Whitman's public rejection of the role means Uber will have to go back to looking at its other potential candidates, who were not named. The ride-sharing company is one of the world's most valuable companies with a valuation of almost $70 billion and is reported to have plans to name a new CEO by September.

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