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Matching Socks with security

Aventail said a beta version of AutoSocks version 3.0 security software gives network administrators greater flexibility in maintaining security.

Security software vendor Aventail said a beta version of AutoSocks version 3.0, which gives IS departments and network administrators greater flexibility in maintaining network security, will be available on its Web site January 15.

AutoSocks 3.0, which works as a plug-in to the recently released WinSock version 2 API, allows corporate users to choose different kinds of security, such as Kerberos or Secure Sockets Layer, for example, for different applications.

"WinSock 2.O is the powerful and stable API that the industry has been waiting for to build end-to-end solutions that include the Windows desktop," says Evan Kaplan, Aventail's CEO.

WinSock is the application programming interface that allows Windows applications to work with TCP/IP, the Internet transport protocol. WinSock version 2 broadens the API so it applies not only to Windows applications on TCP/IP but to other applications running on different kinds of networks.

For example, Intel is using WinSock 2 in its RSVP technology for network administrators to reserve bandwidth for specific applications, an important issue when sending multimedia data over a network.

Beta versions of Aventail AutoSocks 2.0, Aventail's last product, are available on its Web site. Single-user pricing begins at $49. Site licenses are also available.