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MangoSoft helps manage shared data

The software maker's new product creates a "virtual file server," which allows companies to pool resources using disk space on each computer.

Software maker MangoSoft has announced Medley 99, a system management tool.

MangoSoft is unveiling the new network software which creates a "virtual file server," according to the company. This application in essence allows companies to pool resources using disk space on each computer. Medley 99 configures and adds individual PCs to a network, making shared data instantly available.

Medley 99 includes advanced security, standard file server features, and clustering technology for fault tolerance, according to the company. The product is designed to make information shared on a network as easy to access as data stored on a hard drive.

"We know that 60 percent of all servers are purchased just as file servers, and Medley 99 goes beyond simple file sharing, since it provides better performance than a traditional network file server because of its unique caching of data," said Eric Walton, vice president of Mango's marketing and sales, in a statement.

Medley 99 will be sold exclusively through resellers, according to the company, in an effort to target the small business and workgroup market.

The new software is designed for Microsoft Windows platforms, and requires 32MB of memory and an Intel Pentium-class processor. "Mango has uniquely applied enterprise clustering technology to meet the needs of the small business market," according to Scott Davis, Mango's vice president and chief technology officer.