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Mango available for half of all Windows Phone users

The latest update to Windows Phone is now available for 50 percent of all users of Microsoft's mobile OS, as the company watches the rollout to make sure it stays on track.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Mango in action. Josh Miller/CNET

Half of all Windows Phone users can now take a bite of Mango.

In a blog post published yesterday, Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering for Microsoft's Windows Phone, said the update to Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango, has been proceeding smoothly, prompting the company to open the tap so that 50 percent of all users can now grab it over the air.

Microsoft launched the update a week ago across an array of countries and carriers, targeting just about every Windows Phone model on the market. Users apparently have been rushing to move to Mango as Hautala thanked people for updating their phones so quickly, since "it helps us gather the data we need to make decisions more rapidly."

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So why isn't the update available to all Windows Phone users? Hautala said Microsoft is still analyzing data from smaller carriers and needs to keep an eye on things a bit longer to make sure that the update continues to run without a hitch.

Which customers get the Mango update is also totally random, explained Hautala, with no preferences as to carrier, country, or model.

"Random sampling is an important engineering technique to accurately measure quality and pinpoint issues early," Hautala noted. "In some cases, this can have interesting consequences: A family, for example, can have identical Windows Phones, yet only one phone might get an update notification."

Windows Phone users still anxious for their taste of Mango can check the general status of the updates via their carriers at Microsoft's "Where's my phone update?" page.