Macromedia expands server software

The company touts three new versions of its applications server software that will work with systems running on BEA's WebLogic, IBM's WebSphere and Sun's Sun ONE server software.

David Becker Staff Writer, CNET News.com
David Becker
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David Becker
Macromedia on Tuesday announced new versions of its applications server software.

Three new versions of the company's ColdFusion MX software for managing Web applications will be offered to allow the software to work with back-end systems running on BEA Systems' WebLogic, IBM's WebSphere and Sun Microsystems' Sun ONE server software.

The company will also expand JRun, its server software for Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications, with a version tailored for Apple's Mac OS X.

ColdFusion is the main server component of Macromedia's MX strategy to encourage creation of more useful, intuitive Web applications. The company has revamped its entire line of Web development and design products and introduced several new tools focused on Web applications.

Macromedia was an early supporter of Mac OS X, and JRun 4 will be the first commercial J2EE application server for the operating system. The software is available now priced at $899 for each processor it runs on.

Pricing and availability for the new versions of ColdFusion will be determined by Macromedia in partnership with BEA, IBM and Sun.