Mac Pro treks back to Europe following sales ban

The latest iteration of the pricey but powerful computer is now available to European consumers.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
Apple's Mac Pro is no longer persona non grata in Europe.
Apple's Mac Pro is no longer persona non grata in Europe. CNET

The Mac Pro is no longer on the outs in Europe, following a redesign that obeys regulatory requirements.

On March 1 of last year, Apple stopped selling the Mac Pro in most European countries because the computer failed to comply with electrical regulations. Specifically, the ports and fans didn't pass muster with a new safety amendment that went into effect at that time. An Apple reseller in France had said that a new and compliant Mac Pro would replace the old version, and that time has finally come.

The new canister-shaped Mac Pro launched by Apple in December apparently has earned Europe's safety seal of approval, according to 9to5Mac, paving the way for its return.

The new Mac Pro is listed on Apple's UK Web site. European consumers who purchase the machine now can expect to receive in it February. Those who've already ordered the Mac Pro have received notices of a delivery date as early as January 14, according to French blog site MacGeneration.