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Mac clones with Power

Macworld Expo Power Computing is attempting to steal the spotlight at Macworld by introducing high-powered Macintosh clones running as fast as 250 MHz.

Macworld Expo Power Computing appears set to grab attention at Macworld Expo this week with the introduction of powerful 250-MHz Mac clones running both the BeOS and the Macintosh OS. The company will also debut inexpensive desktop systems.

Power Computing, again showing it is a technology leader in the Macintosh world, is using the fastest 604e PowerPC processors available. The PowerTower Pro 250MP features dual PowerPC 604e 250-MHz processors and comes with a standard configuration of 32MB of RAM and a 2GB hard disk drive. The PowerTower Pro 225 MP features dual 604e 225-MHz processors.

The PowerPC 604e is a workstation- and server-class processor and is analagous to the Intel Pentium Pro processor.

An important distinction is that the Power Computing systems run both the Apple Macintosh operating system and the BeOS from Be, Inc. Power Computing and Be will be demonstrating the Be Operating System on the PowerTower Pro 250MP in their respective booths at Macworld Expo, the two companies said.

"When Be OS applications become available later this year, users will be able to take full advantage of the inherent design capabilities of the Be OS and applications written for it especially in the realm of symmetrical multiprocessing," Power Computing said in a written statement.

The Macintosh clone maker also continues to roll out fast new systems at competitive prices and will highlight this trend at the show by introducing a PowerBase 200 model with a monitor and modem for $1,995.

The PowerBase 200 "quickship configuration" includes a 200-MHz 603e PowerPC processor, 16MB of RAM, 256K of Level 2 cache, a 1.2GB hard drive, an 8X CD-ROM, three PCI expansion slots, and a 28.8-kbps external modem. It also includes the Apple Internet Connection Kit as well as $1,200 in bundled software.

The PowerTower Pro 250 and 225 MP systems come with a standard 1MB of Level 2 cache, dual SCSI, six PCI slots, and nine expansion bays. The 250 and 225 MP systems are priced at $5,995 and $4,995 respectively.

Power Computing also announced a new bundling agreement with Macromedia (MACR) that will add Director 5.0, Macromedia's multimedia content application, to the list of free software included in all PowerTower Pro desktop systems. The PowerTower Pro series includes multiprocessing systems ideal for high-end graphics users. Director 5.0 has a list price of $1,495.

The company will also offer price reductions on the PowerTower Pro series of desktop systems. The PowerTower Pro 225's price has been reduced by approximately $700 to $4,295 for a configuration that includes 32MB of RAM, a 2GB hard drive, an 8X CD-ROM, six PCI slots and nine drive bays, and bundled software, including Director 5.0. The company also introduced "core configurations" of the PowerTower Pro 200 and 225. The 200 will cost $3,295; the 225 will go for $3,795.