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Lycos debuts people, forum searches

The new mechanisms work through online databases to search for old friends or find postings on a particular topic.

Web portal Lycos on Monday released new mechanisms for searching for individuals and for combing through discussion sites.

Lycos People Search is designed to retrieve information about people from online databases such as alumni directories, professional profiles and public records, the company said. Discussion Search looks for postings on a particular topic from public boards and forums.

Lycos said it will promote the new offerings among the 37 million people who visit its site each month.

This month, South Korean online company Daum Communications announced that it is buying Lycos, the U.S. business of Spain's Terra Lycos, for $95 million. Terra Lycos had been seeking a buyer since April. Lycos is ranked seventh in the United States in terms of site visits and has about 170,000 paid users, according to data provided by the Korean firm.

"We are pursuing a focused path, where we know we can add value to our user and advertiser audiences by building on Lycos' core strengths in the areas of search and subscription personal publishing services," Mark Stoever, CEO of Lycos, said in a statement. "The emerging personal connections and publishing space is poised for dramatic growth, and our new connectivity products position us to capitalize on the current environment."