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Lycos acquires GuestWorld

The Internet directory buys the online guestbook provider for $3.9 million in stock.

Internet directory Lycos announced today that it has acquired GuestWorld, an online guestbook provider, for $3.9 million in stock.

The company has more than 1.1 million users and already provides the guestbook for Tripod, Lycos' foray into online communities.

GuestWorld allows home page builders to add free guestbooks where visitors may post comments about a site. The guestbooks automatically cull user email accounts, making them available to the Webmaster.

"GuestWorld is a clear leader in the Web services marketplace, and we expect its particular services to deliver tremendous value to Tripod users as well as contribute positively to our overall growth strategy," Bo Peabody, Tripod's chief executive, said in a statement. "As guestbooks foster two-way communication between site builders and visitors, we expect these services will encourage repeat traffic."

Lycos stock was up 3 percent in midday trading on the news, at $55.625. The shares have traded as high as 107.25 and as low as 16.25 during the past 52 weeks.