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Lotus ships Domino Web server

Lotus's Domino Go Webserver is now available for $200 less than was previously announced.

Lotus said today that its basic Web server package, bundled with tools for authoring and JavaBeans, is now available for download from its Web site for $200 less than was previously announced.

As reported July 24 by CNET'S NEWS.COM, Lotus Domino Go Webserver Pro 4.6 includes a basic Web server, NetObjects' Fusion authoring software, and Lotus BeanMachine for Java, which lets nonprogrammers create simple JavaBeans.

The price for Lotus's basic publishing Web server is $595, $200 less than originally announced. The cut is a direct result a $200 price reduction on Fusion, which NetObjects announced August 11.

Domino Go Webserver Pro is marketed to Web developers and experienced Web masters as a secure, complete Web publishing server to design, build, launch, and change publishing-oriented Web sites quickly.

The Web server has been branded as Lotus Domino, a signal that it is part of a broader product family that includes a mail server, collaborative applications, and Domino Server for enterprise applications.

Domino Go Webserver Pro is available for Windows 95, Windows NT, IBM's OS/2 and AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM OS/390, with mid-1998 support for IBM OS/400. Shrink-wrap versions of Domino Go Webserver Pro will be available through Lotus resellers on September 8, 1997

Domino Go Webserver, a stripped-down version that does not include NetObjects Fusion and Lotus BeanMachine, will be available for $495.