Lotus rolls out messaging upgrades

IBM subsidiary Lotus Development?s 4.6 versions of Notes and Domino Mail Server offer enhanced messaging functionality.

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IBM subsidiary Lotus Development today rolled out the latest versions of its groupware and messaging packages.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company has upgraded its Lotus Notes client and Domino Mail Server to include enhanced messaging functionality, new application development tools for creating and using Web-based business systems and increased Internet protocol (IP) support, according to the company.

Although it is the expected point release before the major rollout of the 5.0 debut due during the first half of 1998, analysts say Notes 4.6 and Domino 4.6 are significant because they mark the company's commitment to the needs of the market.

Domino Mail Server 4.6 now provides standards-based support for POP3. SMTP, IMAP4, LDAP, discussion forum standard NNTP, and Web standards HTTP 1.1 and HTML 3.2 are also supported by this release.

The Notes Designer for Domino 4.6 Web application features Lotus BeanMachine for Java and Notes Global Designer. The BeanMachine enables developers to add multimedia effects to their Domino sites without writing a single line of Java, according to the company.

Lotus Notes 4.6 supports Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT, and will support Unix platforms, while Domino 4.6 and Domino Mail 4.6 support Windows NT, NT Alpha, IBM OS/2, AIX, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, Solaris SPARC, and Intel Edition and Netware.

IDC analyst Ian Campbell said this latest release by Lotus shows the company's continuing direction toward the 5.0 release due in 1998. "This is a commitment to meet the market need as well as they can before the next release of 5.0. They are meeting the demands of the market by providing a solution that meets today's standards."

Pricing ranges from $69 for the Notes 4.6 desktop upgrade to $995 for the Domino Mail Server 4.6 and $1,495 for the Domino Web application server.