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Lotus: Price cuts for everyone

The company's new pricing program for all licensed users of competing products offers a 30 percent discount on any upgrade to Notes and Domino.

Lotus Development isn't happy with just enticing the huge customer base of cc:Mail customers with cheap upgrade offers for Notes and Domino.

The Massachusetts-based software company has launched a new pricing program for all licensed users of its competing products, from Banyan Mail to Verimation's Memo, and every messaging system in between. "Trade Up to Lotus Messaging" is a new incentive for current users of non-Lotus messaging systems to get a 30 percent discount on any upgrade to Notes and Domino.

Under the expanded offer, customers with licenses for messaging applications like Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, Banyan Mail, Netscape Mail, Hewlett Packard OpenMail, Eudora Pro, DaVinci eMail, Memo from Verimation, Digital ALL-In-1, and Emc2/TAO from Fischer International, can now upgrade to the Lotus Messaging License at a discount of at least 30 percent, the company said.

"This is not just cc:Mail," said Glenn Matsuda, director of messaging product marketing. "We're now going after other vendors as well."

He said that the decision to expand the discount upgrade program was made after cc:Mail corporate customers with mixed messaging environments told Lotus it help them if they could consolidate all of their seats onto one platform.

Customers who have licenses for qualified messaging products are eligible to purchase upgrades to the Lotus Messaging License. The license is a new offering that entitles customers to use cc:Mail or the Notes client licensed for messaging. It also includes a Domino mailbox CAL which gives users access to the Domino Mail Server.

The Lotus Messaging License is one component of the Lotus Messaging Upgrade Program, which provides customers with a set of tools and services to help organizations make the upgrade to Lotus messaging software.

Starting October 5 and continuing until December 31, 1998, the Trade Up to Lotus Messaging program allows users with "paid for" messaging products already installed to move up to Lotus Messaging License with Software Subscription for $24 a month, the company said.

This is just the latest upgrade plan announced by Lotus in the last six months or so. In March, the IBM subsidiary announced a set of tools and services and gave cc:Mail users who pay for a maintenance plan the option to buy Notes and Domino server seats at a discounted price.