Logitech unveils Harmony 1100 universal remote

Besides RF and customization options, the Harmony 1100 is little changed from Logitech's earlier tablet-style remote.

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John Falcone
Logitech Harmony 1100

When Logitech released the Harmony 1000 in 2007, we were disappointed that the tablet-style remote wasn't easily customizable and that the response time of its 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen wasn't quite as zippy as we would've liked. Two years on, it looks like Logitech has finally taken those criticisms to heart. The new Harmony 1100 includes the ability to customize the on-screen buttons, and its new Flash-based OS (and faster processor) should make for a smoother user experience. Those improvements--plus the black color scheme--look to be the only major changes from the 1000, so the new model should have all of the now-standard perks we've come to expect from Logitech's Harmony line (Web-aided programming via Windows and Mac PCs, task-based control, compatibility with tens of thousands of devices). Unfortunately, the Harmony 1100 will retain the original model's sky-high $500 asking price when it debuts in February 2009--and anyone wanting to take advantage of the remote's RF control features will need to invest another $100 or so in a separate RF-to-IR dongle. Meanwhile, those of us waiting for an update of the Logitech Harmony One that offers RF (or maybe even Bluetooth, for those pesky PS3s) are out of luck; the Harmony 1100 is the company's only new remote for now.

Note: This post has been updated to correctly reflect the features of the original Harmony 1000 model.