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Linux Store expands server offerings

The retailer enters into an alliance with another Linux operating system seller to power a new line of servers using the TurboLinux version of Linux.

The Linux Store has entered into an alliance with a Linux operating system seller to power a new line of servers.

The deal represents the second such agreement for the retailer. A division of Ebiz Enterprises through the Linux Store will offer three models of its new L Server line, each using the TurboLinux version of the Linux operating system.

An earlier deal gave the Linux Store the opportunity to sell desktop computers for as little as $299 using Corel's version of Linux.

The Linux Store, which made a splash last year by offering inexpensive Linux computers, now is changing its focus. The company, originally a large manufacturer of generic "white-box" PCs, has begun selling other companies' Linux products, both hardware and software. For example, the Linux Store resells special-purpose Linux servers from eSoft.

CNET's Linux Center The Linux Store, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., also has established LinuxLab, a site to help provide technical support and certification.

Linux, a clone of and competitor to the Unix operating system, is currently most popular for use in servers. Many companies, including VA Linux Systems, Penguin Computing and Cobalt, are offering servers just 1.75 inches thick using Linux.