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Linux rolls on

roundup The open-source operating system moves ever closer to the mainstream, with nods from IBM and the German government.

roundup The open-source operating system is moving toward the mainstream--IBM's top software executive sees it as the heir apparent to Big Blue's version of Unix; it's gaining ground among high-end servers; and a Linux project funded by the German government to reduce reliance on Microsoft products is bearing fruit.

Germany-funded Linux software arriving
KDE, one of the major interfaces designed to make Linux slick looking and easier to use, gets an upgrade, including the first results of work funded by the German government.
January 30, 2003

IBM: Linux is the 'logical successor'
The day is approaching when Linux will likely replace Big Blue's version of Unix, says the company's top software executive.
January 29, 2003

Linux gets high-end server boost
The open-source operating system adopts an update that should help makers such as IBM use Linux better in multiprocessor servers.
January 29, 2003

Lindows tackles DVD, music
The Linux software maker takes another crack at Microsoft with a package intended to mimic the software giant's Windows XP Media Center.
January 28, 2003

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