Linux firm MontaVista seeks new CEO

Jim Ready, CEO of the embedded Linux specialist, will step down from his post to become chief technology officer.

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Stephen Shankland
Jim Ready, the founder of embedded Linux specialist MontaVista Software, will step down as chief executive to become the company's top technologist.

Ready made the move for personal reasons, Peder Ulander, vice president of marketing, said Friday. He'll remain CEO until the company's board finds a replacement, Ulander said, at which point Ready will become chief technology officer.

MontaVista specializes in producing Linux for embedded computing devices such as network equipment, consumer electronics and mobile phones. It's never had the market to itself, but it faces new competition from embedded software specialist Wind River, which became a Linux convert over the last two years.

It's not the only significant change at Sunnyvale, Calif., MontaVista. Kelly Herrell, senior vice president of operations, also left "to pursue other opportunities," the company said in a statement, adding that "he had been an instrumental part of the company's success over the past two years."

Also leaving the company is Hitoshi Arima, vice president of sales for Japan. LinuxDevices reported the executive changes Friday.