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Lime's $3M safety push reminds riders to wear a helmet, park responsibly

This initiative follows last week's scooter recall.

Lime's electronic scooters are popping up in cities across the world.
Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, Lime recalled a portion of its electric scooter fleet after discovering some of the scooters' batteries had the potential to catch fire. To reassure riders that safety is a top priority, Lime is investing over $3 million in rider safety and education. This is part of Lime's new Respect the Ride campaign, which the company announced on Monday.

Lime is one of the key players in the electric scooter invasion that's taking over many cities. Electric scooters have exploded in popularity over the past few months as an alternative method of transportation thanks to a handful of scooter companies and millions in venture capital funding. With this influx, city dwellers and officials alike are trying to figure out the best way deal with these scooters.

Lime's campaign places an emphasis on rider safety. According to the announcment, the initiative makes several changes, including:

  • A new generation of electric scooters, with bigger wheels, improved suspension and updated brakes and sensors
  • Updated in-app features that tell riders if their scooters are properly parked, and other tips
  • An ad campaign to remind riders to wear helmets, abide by local laws, park responsibly and stay aware of their surroundings
  • Safety fairs, scooter lessons and other live events

Lime is also handing out 250,000 free helmets over the next six months to riders who sign Lime's Respect the Ride pledge.

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