LG's N+ 31 user multimonitor computing setup

LG's N+ solution allows 31 flavors of users on one system.

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LG has 31 flavors of users on one system. Eric Franklin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Have you ever had the desire to put 31 users on one PC? No? Not even a little? OK, well I guess I'll just be leaving then...Oh, now you're interested once I start walking away? Typical human.

LG's N+ monitor technology supports up to 31 desktop LCD monitors on a single computer. LG is targeting schools, offices, and call centers with the system.

According to LG, these N+ monitors (model N224WA) can be installed in just a few minutes and can reduce the amount of maintenance and IT support needed for a typical office. However, the problem is that if that one PC dies, everyone loses work. With this setup, everyone has a symbiotic relationship with their colleagues.

The N224WA also has USB ports for a keyboard and mouse and includes a 5ms response rate. Additionally, according to LG, "this system offers consumers straightforward management including easy software and hardware set up, and central control support."

The monitors connect to a PC and redistribute its remaining resources to multiple users simultaneously, using the monitors' virtual desktop software. The software is able to divide a computer's resources into 31 independent sessions so that all users can share the processing power of a single PC.

According to LG, "using one main PC to run all 31 N+ monitors enables consumers to save on the cost of energy used that extra PCs would have consumed, reducing noise and generating less heat. By reducing the number of PCs needed for a multi-user setup, the LG N+ solution also minimizes E-waste." Logistically, it makes sense to me.

LG recommends PC's have at least the following specifications when running its multimonitor setup: A quad-core CPU at 2.66GHz or higher with 4GB of RAM.