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Level 8 updates middleware tool

Level 8 Systems says its new software adds a powerful new capability to message queuing middleware from Microsoft and IBM.

Level 8 Systems today said it is shipping software that adds a powerful new capability to message queuing middleware from Microsoft and IBM.

The New York-based company announced EventWorks 2.0, an updated release of its "publish-and-subscribe" software. The product works with Microsoft's Message Queue Server and IBM's MQSeries message queuing software, making it possible to link old and new computing systems for sharing data.

Level 8 said the software can be used to replace an older method of data sharing, called polling. For instance, a financial trading application might poll a database of currency rates, looking for the latest changes, which it then forwards to traders. Using EventWorks, companies can build the same application, but instead of polling, EventWorks notifies the trading application when a change in currency rates occurs. That can lessen the burden on servers and cut down unnecessary network traffic, since EventWorks only broadcasts data when a change occurs.

The technique used by EventWorks to set up event notification is called publish-and-subscribe. The financial trading system "subscribes" to currency events, or movements, "published" by EventWorks.

EventWorks uses message queuing software as the transport mechanism to broadcast events. The company said the events are "network neutral," meaning the system can be used on many different network topologies and on technologies from multiple manufacturers.

New in version 2.0 of the software is the support for Microsoft Message Queue Server and IBM's MQSeries, new graphical tools for creating and maintaining applications, and a new technology called Intelligent Data Streaming that allows developers to define data content.

The software works with mainframe transaction processing systems, such as IBM's CICS and IMS, and with Unix and Windows NT-based systems.

Pricing starts at $10,000 per server and $500 per client license. The mainframe component is priced at $100,000.