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Laptopify your iPad: trying out Belkin's keyboard cases at CES

From high-end metal to a case that converts your old Apple keyboard; we look at them all.

Scott Stein/CBS Interactive

LAS VEGAS--iPad keyboard cases galore litter CES, but Belkin has some nice new models up its sleeve, including a clever one that converts your old Apple keyboard. I gave them a whirl over at Belkin's booth.

The Convertible Keyboard Case (top), announced at the show, costs just $49 and adopts a standard Apple bluetooth keyboard to become a pretty portable keyboard case. The foldable case essentially acts as a wraparound folio/stand, but its design is elegant, finding a way to fold the Apple keyboard's tubular back into the design without adding bulge.

Scott Stein/CBS Interactive

The Ultimate Keyboard Case is Belkin's forthcoming flagship product. Imagine the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover bonded to a protective back cover, and you'll know what to expect. A prototype pre-release model was on display at Belkin's booth, but the final version will see added refinements. Three different magnets lock the iPad into different viewing angles and work to activate and deactivate the keyboard when not in use. You can even flip the case around into a tablet mode. The Ultimate Keyboard Case costs $99 (available in black and silver) and will be out this spring.

Scott Stein/CBS Interactive

Finally, the $79 FastFit is a simple Bluetooth aluminum keyboard cover, with two viewing angle slots as opposed to the single angle on the Logitech Ultimate Keyboard Cover.

They all looked good, but the Convertible Keyboard Case might be the most clever concept of all: you don't need to buy another keyboard to use it.