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Kozmo suffers glitches after redesign

Kozmo.com's revamped Web site prevents some customers from ordering goods and causes others long delays this afternoon, the company confirms.

Kozmo.com's revamped Web site prevented some customers from ordering goods and caused others long delays this afternoon, the company said.

As of 4:15 p.m. PST, Kozmo customer representatives confirmed that the site was being plagued by a series of malfunctions that began as soon as the site opened for business this morning and unveiled the site redesign.

"As with any redesigned launch, we've had some minor glitches," said Kozmo.com spokesperson Michael Gordon. "When they have been brought to our attention we have dealt with them...This has been a very successful launch to our redesigned site."

The systems problems experienced by Kozmo appeared to differ in each of the six cities it serves.

In San Francisco, customers were able to put products in their shopping carts, but a system error was barring them from completing their transactions. In New York, Kozmo customers found that whole Web pages were missing from the site.

Some customers trying to log on in other cities that Kozmo serves--which include Boston, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles--found only error messages.

As is often the case when a company redesigns a site or makes upgrades, system failures can result.

Kozmo, which filed documents last month with the Security and Exchange Commission seeking a public offering, experienced a two-hour site outage in December, after adding a new product line.

The company, which sells videos, CDs and other items, last week suffered a brief outage.