Kodak to offer $350 digital camera

Kodak announced a digital camera aimed at home computer users for under $350.

CNET News staff
Eastman Kodak announced at the Comdex trade show today in Chicago the first in a series of new digital cameras aimed at home computer users with a new model priced under $350.

Along with Hewlett-Packard, Live Picture, and Microsoft, Kodak also introduced the FlashPix open architecture for digital imaging.

FlashPix is basically a image file format that uses new compression techniques to allow rapid online transmission of images. The new format also allows users to edit photos at low resolution and save changes to a higher-resolution version of the image.

FlashPix also uses Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), a means of updating information across a series of linked documents. Final specifications and a software developer toolkit for the FlashPix format will be available in the fall for both Windows and Macintosh.

In the meantime, Kodak will begin shipping the $350 DC20 this month. It will store either 8 or 16 images, depending on the resolution selected. Kodak will ship the DC20 with three software programs that allow users to manipulate images and create digital postcards and slide shows with images downloaded from the camera into a Windows PC or Macintosh.

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