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Kodak, Sony settle patent dispute

Cross-licensing agreement puts to rest litigation over imaging technology; Kodak will receive royalties.

Eastman Kodak and Sony announced on Wednesday they have agreed to a cross-licensing agreement covering both companys' patent portfolios. Kodak also signed a similar cross-licensing deal with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. Both agreements will result in payment of royalties to Kodak, the company said in its own statement.

Sony and Kodak also stated that they have "concluded" their outstanding patent litigations. In March 2004, Kodak sued Sony alleging that technology found in Sony digital cameras and camcorders infringed on 10 of Kodak's patents filed between 1987 and 2003. Kodak sued Sony for damages and an injunction, and Sony followed with counterclaims against Kodak. The agreement to conclude litigation refers to those suits, according to David Lanzillo, director of corporate communications for Kodak. Kodak has already been licensing use of its digital imaging technology to Sanyo as part of a 2001 legal settlement, and to Olympus as part of a separate 2001 agreement.