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Keeping watch on NSA surveillance

Disclosures about the NSA's terrorist surveillance have fired up debate about the constitutionality of the program.

Supporters and detractors of the NSA's eavesdropping program debate its legality and press for information about who is participating.

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No warrant required
Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales testifies.

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Is NSA spying legal?
Sen. Patrick Leahy
attacks NSA spying.

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Examining wiretaps
Sen. Arlen Specter
quizzes Gonzales.

Former CIA chief expresses doubt about NSA program

James Woolsey says he generally agrees with the president but warns that in some cases, a court should be involved.
February 9, 2005

White House discloses details on surveillance

After pressure from allies, White House relents and divulges to a congressional committee details of how spying is done.
February 8, 2005

NSA eavesdropping: How it might work

Attorney General Gonzales plays it mum, but others offer insights into the agency's surveillance options.
February 7, 2005

Gonzales: NSA may tap 'ordinary' Americans' e-mail

During Senate hearing, attorney general declines to offer reassurances about a secret surveillance program.
February 6, 2006

Some companies helped the NSA, but which?

Survey into domestic surveillance scheme finds no companies willing to say they participated.
February 6, 2005